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When you have diabetes, it can seem like you are alone and scary. The demands of eating healthy, monitoring, losing weight, lowering blood sugars, and having a life can seem overwhelming.

You are not alone; if you want to build knowledge with support to find a sustainable way to eat and navigate your day while feeling happy and healthy, you are in the right place.

Being healthy and happy with how you move and live is possible with micro steps and a system to build self-esteem and energy while improving your health. Take action and start today.

Have you walked into the kitchen and did not know what to eat or how to plan your meal?

Try the Healthy Breakfast Checklist to help start your day.

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Diabetes Shed Pounds Blueprint

Discover The Natural 3-Step System Helping Busy Women With Blood Sugar Issues Drop Sizes And Re-energize …

Even If Restrictive Eating And Exercise Haven’t Worked.


Ready to learn how Women with glucose issues lose weight and eat healthier Without dieting?

Then you're not alone. Many women also desire more energy, and a body they can feel confident in but don't believe they will see results.

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In this FREE Masterclass, I’ll share: 

  • A common mistake most women with diabetes make when they plan meals that can sabotage the way they get rid of excess weight
  • Why women who want to go to the gym should avoid carbohydrates! New discovery shows a different way to have stamina and strength to exercise and perform daily tasks
  • The surprising reason why many women with blood sugar issues can have a hard time slimming down … and how to avoid it



Healthy steps lead to ...

Plant-based eating to optimize your diabetes health.

You want to get up with energy, go into the kitchen and prepare a meal that feels good.

You want to test your blood glucose and know you don't have to feel bad and skip eating because the reading is high again.

You do not have to say, "Why was it high, ugh?"

Trust me.  We've all been there!

That's where I come in.

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

I'm Linda Wadud, and I help people with diabetes like you to create a lifestyle proven to reverse, halt or decrease blood sugars with plant-based nutrition.

I'm your lady, with over twenty years of experience. Now a certified plant-based nutritionist coach helping people who want less medication, decreases complications, improved energy, and a feel right attitude.

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Step into the micro-steps formula for the New YOU!

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Diabetes Shed Pounds Blueprint

A three month  program that helps women with blood sugar issues to eat until feeling full and still wake up with less weight. This program is for women ready to do the work now and place their health first.

Spill the Beans is a Diabetes Blog 

Beans is not only a superfood but a way to communicate about self-care and self-love methods to decrease blood sugars. Tips and knowledge to kick diabetes to the side and gain more energy, freedom, and confidence.

Private Coaching

Private coaching available for the active person looking for the transformation to control diabetes with a coach who will advocate plant-based nutrition to lose weight, increase energy, confidence while turning diabetes around.

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