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Caring for others has been a part of my life for years. Being able to support and care has been a passion. As the years progressed, I continued to care for others and my family. Eventually, I became tired, stressed, and lacked time to care for myself. As a diabetes educator, I knew what to do but found it challenging to take care of myself. 

Several years ago, I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I began to research and started looking for ways to feel better and be healthier. I learned more about plant-based eating and the benefits for not only diabetes but for many chronic diseases. 

Both the American Diabetes Association and plant-based eating have benefits. Still, I realized that merging the two initially benefited me and others the best in many ways, such as familiarity, comfort, and some health rewards. I now focus on plant-based eating because it is the best-proven way to improve health and decrease complications. Micro-step with slow emergence works best for people I work with due to past and current medical conditions.

More importantly, I've discovered that life happens and can delay health progress. By having strategies to know how to change self-care actions and mindset, one can have decreased medication, weight, blood sugar readings, and increased energy, clarity, and vitality. The formula I use involves a process with diabetes knowledge, self-care actions integration with micro-steps.

I help women with type two diabetes. To develop self-care strategies, learn plant-based eating and mindset methods to achieve diabetes remission, vitality, and self-love.

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One of my clients, Ruth C., writes, I can’t wait either. I have committed to walking everyday, monitoring daily and being mindful of what I am eating and proud to say my daily choices have improved. I would say my win has been commitment and open to new way of eating. Thanks coach Linda..the blood sugars are consistently down, my clothes are looser. My husband says I am thinning and my dad says I have a glow! Yay just look at God!


The best thing I liked about coaching was your warmth and enthusiasm. You always focused on my wins and celebrated with me, as well as strategizing solutions to problems. I very much enjoyed working with you.

Diabetes Destiny to Freedom Survey Quotes


  • "Attention to self-care."
  • "How to eat a plant-based diet for my body." 

New strengths

  • "Focused on self-care exercise commitment to food-conscious choice."
  • "Stop testing so much and becoming obsessed with my numbers after eating."

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Diabetes is complex, but with micro-steps and personalized care, your health goals are in reach. Time to learn about how plant-based eating, moving more and diabetes knowledge can change your life.

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