Mini-course $97

When you join me for this mini - course you will learn:

  • How plant-based eating supports better health.
  • The secret to controlling your “snack attack.”
  • Why eating breakfast is essential with diabetes.
  • How blood sugars are improved simply with food prep.

Diabetes Momentum!!

Get control of your diabetes and weight with our fee-based service to lower your blood glucose and more. 

What you'll get:

  • Identify your area of concern and why?
  • Identify two barriers to reaching your health goals.
  • Identify one self-care action to improve your diabetes.
  • Identify¬†food benefits to lowering diabetes numbers.


Diabetes Transformation starts Now!
  • Mind-set¬†methods to set your day for improved health.
  • Plant-based program to support your dietary health.
  • Blood sugar and food tracking method with monitoring for improvement and sustainability.¬†
  • Self-care actions with individualized strategies.
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