Diabetes check-in time!

diabetes Feb 15, 2022

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can affect all organs in the body and, if not controlled, can cause complications. Have you wondered what it would feel like to not think about having diabetes? No testing, no feeling tired, frustrated, or being fearful.

We know that some factors to having diabetes were out of your control. Still, we understand that some aspects are controllable. Either way, people with diabetes have several points to consider. 

Today is the day to stop and check-in.

Type 2 diabetes

The most common type of diabetes is type 2. People with type 2 diabetes can have no symptoms. This type of diabetes can be either the bodies insulin does not work well or not enough to help move blood glucose to the cells. Blood glucose (sugar) in the cells gives your body energy.

  • I have met people with diabetes who tell me that they feel fine and cannot believe they have diabetes. The only way to know if you have diabetes is to be tested. 
  • Have you been tested lately? Does diabetes run in your family? Don't delay in knowing if you do or do not have diabetes.  

Weight matters

One way to prevent and control or even turn diabetes around is to lose weight. Having a decreased weight allows your body's insulin to work more efficiently. Better working insulin means less blood glucose (sugar) floating around and damaging the body. 

  • Ways to lose weight can include moving more and eating healthier. What healthy food dish have you're tried lately? Have you found a way to increase physical activity at home?

Not Me

We love the slogan, not me. Not me is a great slogan to say after you have been testing and do not have to be concerned with testing your blood glucose regularly. 

Over the years, the primary way to test has been to use a glucometer. The testing process of poking the finger to draw blood has become painful to many. Today we have different way to know the current blood glucose level. Another way is a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). This CGM lets you insert a sensor under the skin that reads your blood sugar reading without poking your finger. 

Either poking the finger or using a continuous glucose monitor is essential to people with diabetes. Controlled diabetes saves lives, prevents complications, and restores your feeling of normalcy.   

Normalcy, feeling free, is a feeling everyone wants, but this varies from person to person. The first step is to know if you have diabetes, and the next is to take action to lower your blood glucose numbers. Don't let this month go by without checking in with your physician. 

If you have questions or need assistance with getting your diabetes controlled, let today be the day you stop and take action. 

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