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diabetes Mar 07, 2022

Time to stop and think about your day-to-day thoughts. Often challenges occur that throw you off track. As we all get caught up in the game of life, have you taken a step to think about how you would feel if you were on vacation? Has the traveling bug hit you yet?

Like many, the need to move around and see the sights or visit family is calling you to travel. Having diabetes might seem like a damper and should not. You should be full of energy and ready to have fun. Here we will address two areas you might want to consider as you plan a trip.

Playtime is travel time

Have you set a time to play? Yes, it would help if you took a break. Your busy schedule will leave you emotionally charged and driven by your feelings. You forget how to have fun. You might think you do not have time to have fun or do not desire to have fun. If any of this sounds like you, I will tell you it’s playtime. You should be feeling good and ready to relax and have fun with family, friends, or a solo getaway.

Get Ready to play

If playtime is not part of your schedule, you are in the right place. Let us get ready to play by planning your vacation. Having a checklist helps.

• First, list places you would like to go.

• Second, pick a place and get excited.

• Third, plan the date and book the reservation.

• Fourth, write your travel preparation list.

  • Clothes, personal care notions, and don’t forget your diabetes supplies and medications.

I would suggest the following travel hints. Write a list of your medications and carry enough to cover the trip and three extra days. Also, write your testing supplies and contact information if you need to contact your physician or need health advice: your health identification information and medication timing information should be listed.

I have seen many people travel and forget insulin, pills, and the glucose testing kit over the years. The only way to know if your blood glucose is in the target range is to test. Medication adherence is also essential so that your diabetes stays controlled while on vacation.

So, if you do leave medical supplies at home, go to the closest pharmacy, and have your items pulled to that location for purchase.

I remember not planning vacations and staying focused on work, family, and health. The lack of playtime left me drained and frustrated, as if nothing was going right. I would become over consumed with health and dig myself in a hole. I now have playtime, which changed my focus and diabetes health.

Vacation time is essential. It allows you to decompress and give yourself a break. I call this playtime, and you should have energy and fun without fear and frustration. With the proper planning, you can be on your way.

Tell me, where would you like to go this year?

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