Healthy Meal Planning in less than 5 - Minutes

healthy eating May 10, 2022

When you are busy moving throughout the day, your diet and health concerns about diabetes may be the last thing on your mind. Maybe you grab a donut or bagel on the way to work or just plan on eating fast food for lunch. Have you just said you need to eat before six, stop off, and get a bucket of fried chicken on the way home? All because you are either too tired or don't know what to eat.

If you have said I do not know what to eat, think again! You can figure it out and keep it easy and healthy. Plus, you will be able to save time and money.

Put your health back on track by looking at these tips to control meal planning.

Meal Planning Made Simple

Schedule meals for your next week. Knowing what to eat will allow you to prep and cook for the next week. Fewer trips to the grocery store save money and calories. 

Having diabetes will allow you to eat many foods but having a schedule will help keep it simple for you and have fun as you move throughout the day.

Divide up your servings. Then, you'll know how much to eat for each meal and snack.

Learning your portion sizes will keep it accessible and help control your blood sugar.

Shop mindfully with health in mind. Go for your fruits and vegetables. Be careful not to over-buy processed foods.

Knowing that you can eat any fruit needs to be stressed. Fruit and vegetables are high in fiber. Fiber helps to lower your blood sugars.

Stock your pantry and refrigerator. Frequently used items should be placed on a list so that you will have them available when needed.

Time to get organized. When you eat healthy, staple foods become a necessity in the kitchen. Don't forget the plant-based milk, onions, and garlic. Also add potatoes, beans, and carrots.

Clear away junk food. Make room for plant-based eating and foods. These foods are low in salt, sugar, and fat. The cleaner you keep your environment, the better. Out of sight will help to keep it out of mind. 

No secret junk food in the house because they will cause your blood sugar to rise. Remember, it is hard to stop at one.  

Ask for help. Family, friends, and a team approach will help you stay on track and reach your health goals. 

The best time for help is now. Need help with food, cooking, or planning? Are you having trouble staying on track? Remember, support is available. Just reach out for assistance.

Be flexible. While a meal plan is likely to make your diet more balanced, there will be days when you slip up. Congratulate yourself for making sound choices most of the time. 

Always be gentle with yourself. Your blood sugars will go up and down. Laugh and have fun as you enjoy your health journey.


Whether you learn a new meal or try one from your past, meal planning will always suit your lifestyle and health needs. As you practice this new eating behavior, you'll find it easier to control your diabetes, weight, and health while enjoying delicious foods.

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