How do you rank Monitoring?

diabetes Mar 15, 2022

Health education has many areas to address due to the complexity of diabetes. Daily Glucose Monitoring is the golden key to managing diabetes.

Monitoring allows people with diabetes to heal wounds, prepare for surgery, and halt complications. These unique groups need an A1c below 7% because below 7% decreases your chance for current and future complications related to uncontrolled diabetes. Diabetes remission is ≤ 6.5% with no medication for three months.

Do you want to control diabetes and not have diabetes control you? Is healthy eating a key component for your diabetes health and fitness?

Let's talk about why monitoring matters with two essential areas that will ultimately support your energy to feel free physically and emotionally.

Monitoring Matters

If you just eat healthily but are not aware of your readings, you can potentially feel like you have a low but be high. Have you treated a low blood sugar only to realize you were high? 

Self-care actions allow you to test and make changes based on your actual reading and not just a feeling. This feeling might be shaky, sweaty, or even thirsty or tired. The feelings you have can mislead you, but readings do not.

People tell me, "I know my reading based on how I feel." When they see the A1c test, they cannot believe the actual reading. 

Monitoring with plant-based eating

Imagine getting up in the morning and knowing what to eat—testing your blood sugar to see a reading between 80-130 mg/dL. Can you feel the calm and delight? No brain fog or tiredness. Go into the kitchen to fix a plant-based meal with fruits, grains, and fiber. You know what to eat and then have the evidence to prove plant-based eating works. 

You can adjust your foods based on your readings and what you like to eat. Oh, I must not forget to say you will be able to decrease your medications because of the lower blood glucose readings. 


Plant-based eating and Monitoring take time but are always possible. Having a monitoring process helps and will benefit you as you focus on improving your health and enjoying life on your terms. Being able to reach the future life you have been dreaming of is a core vision for why I love teaching and coaching.

Health education has many areas to consider and support you in controlling your blood glucose as you enjoy life with family and friends. Monitoring is the key to opening the door. Still, other self-care actions are just as necessary, and they work together so that you can reach freedom both physically, emotionally, and financially. 

Do you want to control diabetes and not have diabetes control you?

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