Step into Eating Healthy Mini-Course for Diabetics

healthy eating Apr 19, 2022

Eating healthy seems simple, but when you must plan, eat and make sure your blood sugars are in the target range, this task can seem overwhelming.

Have you asked, where do I start to eat healthily? Or this take too much time to fix a meal?

If you want ways to start planning and eating healthy, you are in the right place. Here are several ways to put you on the track to have more energy, think clearer, and decrease frustration in figuring out what to eat.

5- Day Mini-Course

We have put together a 5-Day mini-course called SELF: Start Enjoying Life Fully: 5-Day Mini-Course to Healthy Eating for Diabetics. It is never too late to get on the right track with a purpose, plan, and people. Yes, the three “P” will support you in our five-day mini-course. 


The purpose of the 5 -day mini-course is a starting place to set the foundation for getting on the right track for eating healthy. This course will have daily videos, a workbook, and a daily time for a live questions and answers workshop. This course will answer the question of where to start.

Meal plan made Simple.

We have put together a 5-day meal plan with recipes for you to use during the course. These recipes are simple and easy to fix. Others might remind you of your past, but here is a way to get started and ideas to support your change in how you eat.

Hint: If you love tuna fish sandwiches, you will love Chickpea Tuna Salad.

Diabetes Community

Trying something alone can seem lonely, but with others and my support, the Coach will help make your change well worth the time. The Diabetes Community is a place to meet, exchange ideas, and share wins. This community is a place that will support your journey to having lower blood sugars with confidence and less frustration. 

Change can seem lonely and scary. Having steps on how to start with support, practice and time are worth you stopping to join this course. A client said, “Yeah, right, I can eat and have lower blood sugars.” One week later, with small steps, the blood sugars were over fifty points lower. You can experience the change as well.

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