Time to sleep peacefully

diabetes Jun 14, 2022

Have you had a problem sleeping? It is bedtime, and your body is not ready to sleep. Or your body is prepared, and your mind is not? Many people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, chronic pain, and other diseases have difficulty sleeping.

We know that if you get a good night's sleep, your mind and body will heal the demands placed on them throughout the day. Yes, your blood sugars can be elevated due to lack of sleep, and your pancreas needs to rest to recover and meet the next day's demands. 

Here are several affirmations to say to help you rest. Give each one further thought and add one sentence to fulfill that affirmation.

  • I pay attention to my sleep habits.
    • I will ……
  • I go to bed and wake up on a consistent schedule.
    • I will ……
  • I keep my bedroom dark and quiet.
    • I will ……
  • I limit caffeine and alcohol.
    • I will ……
  • I eat a light snack if I am hungry.
    • I satisfy my stomach with …….
  • I develop a routine that makes me look forward to going to bed. 
    • I will ….

Today, prepare yourself for a good night's sleep. Give your mind and body the rest it needs to keep you strong and healthy. Try the affirmations and add some new ones. 

Try to look at your sleep habits, see what is affecting your rest time, and identify what changes you can make to improve your sleep in the bedroom. 

Sleep is essential, and so are you. Need assistance with balancing all your self-care actions? Stop today and schedule a time to chat. 

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