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Our program, the Diabetes Shed Pounds Blueprint, is designed to teach you the basics of losing up to 25 pounds in three months and gaining enough energy to be unstoppable.


Diabetes Shed Pounds Blueprint

Discover The Natural 3-Step System Helping Busy Women With Blood Sugar Issues Drop Sizes And Re-energize …

Even If Restrictive Eating And Exercise Haven’t Worked.


Ready to learn how Women with glucose issues lose weight and eat healthier Without dieting?

Then you're not alone. Many women also desire more energy, and a body they can feel confident in but don't believe they will see results.

If this is you, check this out.

In this FREE Masterclass, I’ll share: 

  • A common mistake most women with diabetes make when they plan meals that can sabotage the way they get rid of excess weight
  • Why women who want to go to the gym should avoid carbohydrates! New discovery shows a different way to have stamina and strength to exercise and perform daily tasks
  • The surprising reason why many women with blood sugar issues can have a hard time slimming down … and how to avoid it

Private Diabetes Destiny to Freedom

Journey Starts Now!

Do you know how to decrease your blood glucose in less than 90 days?

Can you believe we are in a new month? By now, you might have seen your most recent lab results. If those numbers aren’t where you want them.... if you are still struggling, I’ve got you. 

I’m offering one-on-one coaching for people who aren’t interested in group coaching but still need help.

Time to stop feeling exhausted, blurry, and fearful.  Get ready to be clear, confident, and energetic, prepare plant-based meals with lower blood glucose readings, and lose weight.                 

Discover how plant-based eating can change your diabetes.

Ready to up level your commitment to improved health.


  • Plant-based formula with individualized planning and weekly tracking.
  • The monitoring package to maximize self-improvement and decrease blood glucose readings.
  • One-on-one calls for accountability and to reach your goals.   
  • Gain one year of access to our Diabetes Solution Summit for both 2021 and 2022. The summit features more than 15 diabetes and weight loss experts who will share valuable information and actionable steps to help control diabetes and achieve other health goals.

What Clients Say

Clients share their thoughts at any point during and after their healing journey in our program.


One client writes, “Thank you for all of your help. You are exactly what I needed, my own coach to help me through all of this. Large groups don’t do it for me, because I just get lost in the sea of people. My whole mindset has changed, and everything is much easier and I’m not fighting my new lifestyle changes. I’m embracing them.” 

- Ruth, Past client  


I wanted to update you. I've lost 49 lbs. 321. Only have ☺️22 lbs to be under 300. Which I believe I will.
I have a treadmill coming in the next five days. Almost off all diabetes meds. One more to go. My son got my Daily Harvest, so I incorporate that into my food. Love it.
I'm a lot stronger in my food choices, all almost 100 percent plant base. My Arizona tea. I rarely eat candy, which was my biggest downfall.
I'm happy for the first time in many years. I thank you so much for the support and education. I learned so much. It helps me today. You are an awesome lady.

- Julia, Past Client


It made me feel less freaked out about diabetes and helped me realize what food was best and what food was not. My glucose numbers have fallen down, and coaching gave me someone to check in and be accountable to, not just do it on my own. – I definitely recommend Linda’s coaching to anyone looking and struggling. 

- Amy, Past Client 


I learned about the medications and when to take them because I did not know. Before, I was Hopeless and had nothing I could do for myself, but there is help. When I do the things, such as stay on meds, eat healthier, and get exercise. I know the eating part is the most important, and I’m getting it. My numbers have gone down from 300. Even after missing meds, they still have not been that high. Coaching has helped me to eat a certain way and be consistent with my medication and diet.

- Clara, Client

Plant-based eating

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Mindset Methods

Accountability helps in many areas. Learn how this can improve your diabetes with a partner and community.

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